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From the Desk of Founder

My dear fellow Scholars,

I strongly believe that the success of every student lies in higher quality education, addiction free, and virtuous ethics. One can achieve enlightenment through education. Knowledge is the only way to meet God .Maharashtra is the land of Great Saints and Social reformers. At 16, Young Dnyaneshwar versified Dnyaneshwari. Goddess Saraswati speaks through his divine versification. To worship Goddess "Saraswati Samajratna Dr. NANJIBHAI KHIMJIBHAI THAKKAR THANAWALA-P T.J shook hands with T.J. education" society 30 years back at Thane. T.J. Education trust still performs form Pre-Independence era known for limiting education for Guajarati Students. Recognizing the strengths of education I had spread the wings of T.J. Education Trust all over. Today NKT has set a new landmark in the field of Pre and post education sector. Along with the education NKT has successfully ventured and focused on developing the overall personality of students.

President Sheth T.J Education Society

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